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Brochures are especially effective to handout information to potential clients that may not have time for a full-blown presentation. Brochures generally illustrate key points of your business to your customers while explaining what products and services your company offers. Brochure printing is a great direct marketing tool for your business. Printing brochures for use in your meetings can attract new customers to your business. Color brochures with attractive designs and text will entice customers to actually read your brochure to help answer questions they may have had and to aid in branding your company.

Brochure Printing Options

  • AQ - Aqueous Coating (Semi-Gloss)
  • UV Coating (Super High-Gloss)
  • Satin AQ (Matte Coating)
  • Uncoated
  • Tri-Fold
  • Half-Fold
  • Z-Fold
  • And more

Paper Options:

  • 100# Gloss Text
  • 14-Point Uncoated Cover
  • 95# Gloss Cover
  • 70# Uncoated Offset Smooth Text

Color Options:

  • 4/4 Full Color Both Sides
  • 4/1 Full Color Front / Black Back
  • 4/0 Full Color One Side

Brochure Printing Specs

If you or your staff is designing your Brochures, we recommend that your color mode is CMYK and that your resolution is at least 300 DPI in the design you should include a .125 bleed (margin) around the border. Formats we accept for Brochures : PSD,PDF, EPS, JPG

Have Us Design Your Brochure

If you would like us to design your Brochures, please call us and we can give you a quote.

  • Brochure front covers
    should convince someone to pick up, read, and keep your brochure. Often times, front covers are simple and very "clean" visually.
  • Brochure inside panels
    should provide rich content, both in the form of text and graphics. At the very least, rich content increases the chance people will read the brochure. And it's even possible that super-rich content will result in the reader permanently retaining your brochure as a reference.
  • Brochure back covers
    should summarize your brochure's message, ask for a call to action on the part of the reader (such as "call us"), and provide contact information, including name and address, telephone, fax, website, and email.

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